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Henry Cuenca is an altruistic man with compelling values of honesty, integrity, leadership, and profound compassion. He is a man with a reputation for observing, listening, understanding, and responding to the needs of others, individually and globally. He takes note of negative symptoms and influencing causes as a personal challenge.  His unrelenting pursuit of resolutions, his dedication of time, finances and total commitment is driven by his passion to enable less fortunate to reach for their dreams and highest potential. He lives his faith.

As a man who feels his life has been blessed, a component of his uncompromising compassion inspires Henry to giving back, even in the smallest ways. He acts on his unyielding faith, his resolute kindness, paying it forward. He is a man who has a wide-spread reputation for being passionate and driven.

- Toni Tona

Henry is one of the most generous persons I've known. He is a gift... that keeps on giving, a heart...that keeps on loving and a beautiful, passionate spirit... that keeps on inspiring. Three things I know that are very close to his heart - Faith, Family and Community. He loves the Lord, is very devoted to his family and cares deeply about others."

- Fr. Jonathan Molina

Henry Cuenca is one interesting fellow. Our relationship spans nearly 25 years, and counting. The variety of roles he has played include boss, mentor, leader, entrepreneur, builder, boat captain, colleague and friend. In each role he has blessed me, my family and many others.

Henry is spiritually minded, politically astute, introspective and a dedicated family man. Perhaps his greatest attribute is his genuine interest in and humbling care for others. He wouldn't broadcast serving the poor or counseling at the jail, or fixing the vehicle for an employee or lending a hand teaching a young dad how to prune fruit trees on a Saturday. These are a few of the "little things" I have had the privilege of observing over the years.

Henry is disarming in his communication style. He enjoys discovering each person's story, learning what makes them tick... their values, experiences, motivations and dreams. In particular, Henry is drawn to those who have overcome hardship, recognizing their courage... their resolve... and their potential. Perhaps Henry sees a bit of his own story in them, as he did in me..... all those years ago. 

A conversation with Henry is soothing to one's soul. I am grateful for each time we connect and pray you have an opportunity as well.

- Gordon Flinn, President/CEO of GoForth Consulting