tara macy


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

This guest was raised in a small, rural northern California community. When she was old enough to think of her future, Tara “simply wanted to help people.” Her family, mother, father and brother, were steadfast introverts who also tended toward the shy spectrum of verbal expression. This trait remains deeply rooted in our guest. Her brother, set a level of academic excellence leaving Tara feeling as if she was always struggling to be “as good as” or “good enough”. A significant does of teasing, combined with wanting acceptance, may have contributed to her anxiety.

From her parents, Tara learned family and marriage were important. Hard work and getting an education was simply “known”, but seldom discussed. Her father’s advice to Tara and her future husband to live together and give it a trial run, really shocked and dismayed her mother, a woman of high Christian values. His concern simply, she would not complete college, as he did not want her to end up working “for a buck and a quarter an hour at McDonald’s”. They got married anyway.

Tara was drawn to God in many periods throughout her life, beginning with two significant moments in 3rd and 4th grades, when a classmate’s mother died, and later during a conversation with a friend who introduced her to fundamental Christianity theology. Over the years, exposure to, and a rejection of, fear-based theology, finally lead to Tara becoming passionate about spiritual life. And now, Tara Macy is a pastor of the United Methodist Church in Shasta Lake City.

Pastor Tara Macy, welcome to the show…