susan whitaker

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Our guest for this show was born and raised in southern California, in a depression era oriented middle class family.

Already, but unaware, the patterns of her life were taking shape by duty full routines, such as walking to the corner to meet her father from work at 5pm and starting her daily piano lesson at 6pm - at the young age of six. Also observing her father's unending streams of night school, year after year after year. Yes, she was a "daddy's girl" for sure. 

But it was these few words by a neighbor Van, who "lived up the street" that set the direction, tone and intensity like a 2nd stage rocket when he said, "you are wasting your time in life, go to school!". Well, the rocket is still in trajectory fueled by her parent's influence of hard work and her passion of loving people. 

Join me in welcoming Susan Whitaker, a speech language pathologist, to the show.