Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark.jpg

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sarah has set a meteoric flash through the heavens in working with troubled youth.  Her Behavioral Education program is focused on work with children who lie, cheat, steal, argue, and employ physical violence.

Our guest, aside from catching children who have fallen on drugs and other addictions is marvelously unique in many ways as she walks everywhere, she is a dancer, a singer, a guitar player and writes and recites poetry.

Could it be that because she endured a fractured and unhappy childhood within a structured Quaker upbringing? OR, her grandparent’s positive influences binding her gap of fantasy of having a father that cared for her? 

For what every reason, I am sure you will enjoy this heartfelt life of this lady who also received a profound epiphany that set the course of her life that so beautifully touches so many others.

It is my great pleasure to have Sarah Clark join me in the studio!