Lynn Dorroh

lynn at river.jpg

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Lynn is an explicit visionary with extraordinary sensitivity towards others heads a large group of employees in a rustic rural setting. She is characterized by her peers as wonderful, friendly, terrific wife, a sister when needed and compassionate to the core!

Her childhood years created within her a powerful sense of belonging. Perhaps it was part of the systemic process of growing up in a small gold rush community carved out by her grandparents. Or, maybe it was by the family influences of regular family table talk about current events, politics, elections...and of course, always maintaining a sense gratitude.

But, for whatever reasons that tripped her into the direction of community building, she has created a wake of compassionate buoys all along her life’s journey. Please listen to the heartfelt expressions of my guest, Lynn Dorroh, CEO of Hill Country Health and Wellness Center.