Janessa Wilder

This guest, defines herself as “a mother of three and a citizen of the world”. Born and raised in in a northern California Hamlett and removed from big city influences, she sought broader horizons and went on to graduate from Stanford University with a master’s degree in internal policy studies and a bachelors in international relations from Principia College.

She is conversant in 5 languages, served as a United States CIA officer and served in war-torn areas of Iraq and the middle east, and working with the US Marines.

One of the earliest childhood memories was wanting to become a “mommy”, and a mommy she has become but on a much larger scale. You see, Janessa’s inspiration came from witnessing the horrific sight of children’s toys and shoes jumbled amidst skeletal remains of mass graves. This led her to founding an international peace organization called Euphrates International.


Tara Macy

This guest was raised in a small, rural northern California community. When she was old enough to think of her future, Tara “simply wanted to help people.” Her family, mother, father and brother, were steadfast introverts who also tended toward the shy spectrum of verbal expression. This trait remains deeply rooted in our guest. Her brother, set a level of academic excellence leaving Tara feeling as if she was always struggling to be “as good as” or “good enough”. A significant does of teasing, combined with wanting acceptance, may have contributed to her anxiety.


Brooke Hoffe

This guest has lived through may hardships before she was able to discover her life’s purpose. You see, our guest Brooke was once pregnant, sleeping on the sidewalks of Riverside, California, homeless with addictions and jail time. These were destitute times and she asked herself how much deeper she could fall.

She felt a conviction that visiting museums and government building just to find shelter was no way to live. With no home and a string of failed relationships, her only option was to reach out to her mother in Northern California, whose relationship had slipped away for 16 years. That decision turned the tide of her life.


Vicki Ono

Vicki is known by her sister as a “disaster magnet”. She not only grew up with her manic, depressive schizophrenic mother, but survived the eye of Hurricane Hugo. In addition, she heeded evacuation declarations in two major historical fires.

In the 5th grade, at the age of 12, she began treatments for anxiety, stress and bio-feedback therapy. And as if that wasn’t enough, breast cancer at age 41. Through the influence of her father’s resilience, deep spiritual connection and gracious volunteering, Vicki gained advanced lessons on life…