Barbara Leger

This guest was a runaway at the age of 18, largely due to the gap between the strict rules and expectations at home, and her burning desire to test her wings. She left the family apple farm in Montreal, Canada and got a job with the Canadian Air Force. There, she met her husband, married and had two children. A divorce left her with two little ones far away in Sebastapol, California, where she arrived homeless, with no income, but $3,000.

She lived in a 1981 Dodge pickup with her children for eight months, but she was her father’s daughter after all, remembering his ethic of hard work. Washing windows, painting and a chance meeting of an “angel” led to having a roof over their heads, without a headliner of course.

Led by vision and deep belief in peace, she became an international project development specialist and founded a peace organization in Ukraine, which she has led for the past 18 years. She is a speaker and consultant with a past of international client lists from Finland, Japan, Estonia, and the Silicon Valley to name a few… She is also an ordained minister and is recommitting to being an author.

Please listen to this heartfelt story…