scott seaton


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Born in the high mountain state of Colorado, Scott occupied the early years in life playing marbles, soccer and watching cartoons. How would anyone have ever known that growing up in high elevation would set the trajectory to high altitude in international flair?

Loving holiday music as a child, he was no doubt influenced by his parents. His step-father was a song writer and member of the Dolly Parton band. In additional, his mother's continual encouragement helped set his course. 

His worldwide demand increased appreciably after having won the Interakton competition in Berlin. He has been praised with "finesse, clarity and precision." He also placed in the top 10 conductors from a pool of over 400 conductors from from 73 countries.

Our guest, Maestro of the North State Symphony of Redding and Chico. Please listen to this heartfelt story.