dr. ray john

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

This guest, from Irish Catholic ancestry, grew up in the marginal living area of south San Francisco, where people were known as "terrace trash". He was a scalawag, being a defiant troublemaker, who led his neighbor rascals on many escapades. 

He can still hear his mother's echo, "to become a priest you need to change your ways!" He did have redeeming qualities. His father's influence taught him to be resilient, fight for what he wanted and never give up!

This helped pave his way to survive a bitter Vietnam wartime engagement, and other obstacles, on his path through life. One of many highlights of his life, was being honored at the White House at a ceremony honoring national blue ribbon schools. 

He has dedicated his life to helping others 100% of the time. Listen to this heartfelt store and join me in welcoming Dr. Ray John to the Henry Cuenca Radio Show.