raphael lupercio

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Today’s guest, born in humbling poverty in Jalisco, Mexico, grew up cutting sugar cane, caring for over 10 cows, cleaning pig pens, selling oranges on the street by the time he was 10 years old. He helped his family by these productive means, pitching in to help feed his family. There were many gaps in his schooling in his formative years. Rafael, or better said, Dr. Rafael Lupercio, did not begin to learn English until he was seventeen.

Dr. Lupercio is the oldest of seven siblings. His father, a sheepherder and ranch foreman, and mother, who worked in the fields and canneries of Solano County, taught him through their hard work , sacrifices and courage, to seek a new life in a different country. The values to survive and grasp the opportunities to build a future in his new home, the United States.

Hard work, love, spirituality was the family’s daily dose for living, then, immigration to rural northern California. And now, a well-respected physician in pulmonary and critical care medicine in northern California.

Join me in listening to this heartfelt story.