mitch bahr

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

To anyone observing the childhood of this guest, his future path would have been clear. His love of teaching was being foretold as he ran home from grade school each day to teach his sister all he had learned. Then, another pivotal moment during the 1984 Olympic opening ceremonies, as he was captivated by the 84 white pianos playing George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. It was clear from that day that his calling in music was cemented as he said "music or nothing for me."

As California Department of Education 2016 Teacher of the Year, Mitch Bahr holds one of the most eminent awards one could ever be honored with. Yet, you may find it interesting to know, our guest never knowingly worked towards this acclaim, as his only focus and passion has always laid with the students he felt privileged to teach.

His mantra is "musicians are unafraid of hard work. We are on a mission together; working side by side." He can often be heard saying, "I don't care what kind of musician you are in twenty years, I care about what kind of person you are."

Please listen to this heartfelt story.