Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Georgene grew up in a "normal" happy childhood family. She was always receiving conveyor-belt support from her parents. Her father's aggressive style set the tempo and direction for this daughter's course throughout her life. His familiar teachings became bedrock to her fast pace dominated life by his teachings, saying "if you can't see humor in everything, you can't lead a good life!"

Well, with those combustion-able qualities, she is credited with being a RN, a PhD, CEO of two hospitals and finally, CEO of her own company, bringing 350 CEO's, some from public companies, to mastermind groups. 

There are many aspects that contribute central to her life, but near the top is "having fun!" However, not far from this core pursuit is "helping one 10 times more in return."

I look forward to introducing you all to Georgene.