emily cunnison

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Emily, known to fellow volunteers as “THE ENERGIZER BUNNY” and tenacious, was born in Pleasant Hill, California, where she learned her trade of work, work, work from both of her parents.

Their existence was lower middle-class, living in a small two-bedroom apartment with her sister. Both parents struggled to do the best for their daughters. And when Emily saw her and any other families struggle to get by, she always wondered why, and most importantly what she could do about it. An early childhood experience of Emily and her mother bringing sandwiches to a homeless man living behind a dumpster, and remembering having an innate sense that this could be considered “living” in America…

This background set the tone and direction for our guest’s life. Today, she runs an organization whose sole purpose is building a voice for these working poor families and the many who have fallen quietly through the economic cracks - and she does it for pay you will find stunning and noteworthy!

Emily, welcome to the show…