dennis grady


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Dennis was born and raised in a southern California household with his mother, father and eight brothers. With so many mouths to feed and money tight, meals were filled with simplicity - beans, tacos and corned beef hash. And while meals were not in abundance, something else was quite plentiful — love. How much better could it be, love, music all in the confines of their 980 square foot home.

“Work hard, be honest, and get a college degree” was their parents’ mantra for all of their boys, and so, all nine brother graduated with college degrees…all paying for their entire college educational costs on their own, with supporting scholarships.

With a strong sense of spirituality, work ethic and degree in hand, Dennis still felt there was something missing within his life. His quest to find what was missing ultimately led he and his wife Mary to journey to Spain for a 500 mile pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago.