brooke hoffe

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

This guest has lived through may hardships before she was able to discover her life’s purpose. You see, our guest Brooke was once pregnant, sleeping on the sidewalks of Riverside, California, homeless with addictions and jail time. These were destitute times and she asked herself how much deeper she could fall.

She felt a conviction that visiting museums and government building just to find shelter was no way to live. With no home and a string of failed relationships, her only option was to reach out to her mother in Northern California, whose relationship had slipped away for 16 years. That decision turned the tide of her life.

The most remarkable change came when she discovered she was “smart”, which lit a torch for her future. Microbiology and chemistry came easily to her, setting a new path for her life leading to an inspirational mentorship at Shasta College. Then the California State Senate and State Assembly, where she was awarded with the California Student of the Year.

An amazing comeback, please listen to this inspirational story!