bennett gale


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This guest, an only son of 1st generation Russian immigrants, encircled by gifted parents of artistry. His mother, a piano prodigy of profound proportions and student of famed Dr. Frank Damrosch and master of the Metropolitan Opera House of New York. His father reaching high attainments in music and critic of dance. However, with such visionary talent, flair and capacity, they were showered by fears and uncertainty, thus setting forth a complex set of mixed messages inherited by our guest.

This complex tapestry, set in motion waves of life's challenges. And yes, missing was one key ingredient universal to us all...parental love. Love's practices were more known, than felt. Despite his father's aloofness and mother's anguish and distress, love was supplied by another source...a profound experience at the age of five set in place an eternal metronome of movement that occupies his inner-self to this day. From performing on Broadway, touring and speaking nationally, he finally clicked into motion what he had learned through his childhood epiphany. 

Please listen to this inspiring story.