aleta carpenter


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Today’s guest, Southern California-born Aleta’s earliest, most vivid memory is of being chased by a rooster at her grandpa’s house in Anderson. Did this chase somehow foreshadow her future as a lobbyist, where she turned the tables, chasing down votes from legislators at the California State Capitol, and meeting and hob-nobbing with governors and other well-known politicians?

Aleta’s early life was fraught with adversity: an alcoholic biological father, a parental divorce causing a separation from her mother, a devastating illness … but a move to Shasta County, her mother’s remarriage and adoption by her stepfather led to stability and an idyllic upbringing.

Academics always came easily to her. She could read before she went to school, never went to kindergarten and skipped 3rd grade. She learned how to read music and taught herself to play the piano. Her mother was instrumental in guiding Aleta’s curiosity and values, leading to a lifelong fascination with different ethnicities, cultures, and languages, along with the belief that she never be restricted to traditional roles because of her gender.

You’re invited to listen to this heartfelt story.