No one is impervious to the battle scars of life, especially our guests as they have persisted and persevered to overcome the shackles of their lives.

This show is filled with inspirational human stories from individuals who have endured the headwinds of life’s challenges while attempting avoidance of continuous potholes in the rugged road through life. Despite our guests zig zagging journeys, each are fueled with a compelling sense of purpose.

Not everyone is up to the challenge and hardened courses through life, some choose to glide peacefully and uneventfully through bountiful realms of calm seas. Yet, the tie that binds my guests is the fervent dedication to dive into their own commitment for success no matter how difficult the path. For they are the change agents of our time.

•   Why did eight simple words to a kid uncompromisingly set the course of his life fifty years later?

•   What effect did a rejected childhood life have to do with compelling sense of victory in working with seriously troubled today’s youth?

•   What was the effect of a tragic auto accident transforming a healthy productive family man to a quadriplegic?

My guests have not abandoned their quest for accomplishments when things become difficult. They were, rather, compelled forward, not by intuition nor dalliance, they are driven by a sense of purpose and desire toward their goal.

So we ask, what makes these guests tick? That is the answer I seek. As I feature our guests self-defined journey of success, I will take you on a journey into their lives of often relentless devotion to achieve their goal.

Welcome to The Henry Cuenca Radio Show, where we link the journey of each guests life experiences to their highly attainable place in society.

At KKRN 88.5 FM we to possess a strong sense of reaching our listeners to re-kindle the magic awaiting you in our world. Remember the Old African saying, “Don’t look where you fell, look where you slipped.”


Henry Cuenca