aaron hayes


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

This guest, called the “F” word daily by students at his first teaching placement in one of the most challenging schools in Shasta County, was redeemed and honored when Simpson University awarded the prestigious “Student Teacher of the Year” award.

He went on to become Executive Director of Catalyst Mentoring, a mentoring organization which recruits, trains and places mentors in partnering organizations and credited with having over 350 mentors.

Our guest’s path to his life today was a tumultuous one. His family faced serious hurdles and was nearly torn apart from their experiences with their church - sending his family spiraling out of control. Put on probation at Shasta College after failing 36 units, he met Sarah - his wife to be - and things began to change. Now, Aaron holds a Master’s degree, is a pastor and has five rambunctious children, two of which are adopted.

Please listen to this heartfelt story…